Technical play and skilled use of a big set of percussions makes him an irreplaceable showman on a concert stage.
V.B.Feyertag, music critic.

Yoel Gonzalez

26.09.1972, Cienfuegos , Cuba

Percussion instruments performer, in the 90 th of the past century he has become a famous figure on stages of Saint-Petersburg and Russia . Participated in many native and international projects, organized several ensembles aligned to perform Afro-Cuban dance music.

In 1990 graduated from the International school of art in Havana as a conductor and a percussion instruments performer, worked in Cuban big-bands and small groups. In 1991 moved to Saint-Petersburg, there he debuted as a drummer in a fusion-ensemble of a guitarist Valeriy Belinov. Later on collaborated with saxophonist Alexander Juravlev and many other musicians in Saint-Petersburg. He became famous as a partner of pianist and composer Andrey Kondakov (collaborating from 1995 as a percussion performer). In 1997 together with another percussionist Kirill Lipatov he organized a popular band Los Sabrosos Band (later on Flamma), and also was part of almost every ensemble that performed Latin American music, routinely making appearance in many Jazz and Latin clubs. In the end of the 90 th started to ride out on festivals, he traveled almost all over Russia performing in combined international ensembles. Collaborated with saxophonist Igor Butman, saxophonist and composer Anatoly Gerasimov, jazz singer Sergey Manukian, vibraphonist Joe Lock, drummer Paolo Braga, trumpeter Claudio Roditi, bass guitarist Sergio Brandao, percussionist Cafe Dasilva, drummer Billy Coban, saxophonist Chico Freeman. Given concerts and participated in recording of disks of a famous jazz singer Denise Perrier. Participated in the Saint-Petersburg concert of Michelle Legran (played in the trio of the symphonic jazz orchestra). Constant participant of the Jazz Province festival. In the middle of the 90 th independently organized Latin American jazz festivals in Russia . In Israel participated in Tucan trio, worked with the singer and composer Mati Caspi, and also was an invited guest on the international festival of percussion, and performed with the famous percussionist Zohar Fresco.

He also participated in the shooting of clips? Concerts and disk recording with following stars : Alla Pugocheva, Fillip Kirkorov, Valery Syutkin, Lima Vaikule, Maxim Leonidov, Archady Ukupnik, Zara, A-studio group, Chay Vdvoem group, Pushkin group, Boris Grbenshikov Akvarium group.

For me it was exceptional one of the greatest things Ive heard recently. The percussionist reveals an internal rythm. Me personally I could not even imagine that inside of this classic music exists this kind of rhythm.
Interview of Mr. Giora Feidman on TV 100 Channel.

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