Width: 10 meters
Depth: 8 meters
Height: 0.8 meters MINIMUM


Appropriate to the stage bright scenic light.
Obligatory two enter spotlights.

Also desirable:
Red, white, blue and orange lights.

Desirable according to the possibilities of the organizer of the concert the presence of a projection display 6-8 meters width and 4-6 meter high, also:

  • Video mixer with a director
  • DVD-player
  • Video monitor
  • Three (minimum) professional video cameras with operators (two close-ups and one general view)



  • 2 Shoeps Microphones MK 4 or 2 NEUMANN KM 184 for the piano
  • 2 SHURE SM58
  • 4 SHURE SM57
  • 2 AKG 414 OR SHURE SM 81 (O.H.)
  • 2 SHURE SM 81
  • Microphone stands of the “crane” type.


    Obligatory presence of a grand piano tuned in the day of the concert.


    A plant of two (2) LP Congas (Conga & Quinto)
    - LP Bongos set with a post.
    - 1 post for the Hi - Hat.
    - 2 posts for the plates.
    - 1 percussion table or two reading-desks.

    The sound check of the group lasts at least an hour after the stage is ready for the solo concerts, and at least an hour after the stage is ready for the combined concerts. During the sound check and the concert there is obligatory has to be a qualified person on stage and on the FOH-console capable to efficiently eliminate any technical failure. Also it is obligatory to have a qualified electrician during the sound check and the concert.

    Any deviation from the requirement of the raider must be specified before the start of the tour.

    The listed minimum conditions are necessary to carry out the tour.

    If you have any technical question:

    Yoel Gonzalez: +7-901- 310-96-84; +7.812. 904-49-71

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