The concert organization conditions:

The organizers must meet the members of the group (train station, airport etc.) and organize conveyance to the concert area or the place of residence.

The organizers also must ensure the departure of the group.

The transportation working with the group must provide at least six seats taking into account two artists, a director, a sound producer plus two seats for the set of percussion instruments.

If a trip takes more than twelve hours then the organizers must provide the group with plane tickets.

The payment for the transportation of the instruments is provided by the organizers.

The group lodges in hotels with at least three stars. Taking four single rooms each provided with cold and hot water, a lavatory and a shower.

The group must be provided with transportation for all the time of tour.

The make-up room must be equipped with mirrors, hall-stands and pegs for the concert costumes, flat irons and ironing boards.

All the financial settlements must be accomplished before the moment of going on the stage.

The honorarium of the group depends on the state of the market at this point and is determined by the administrator of the group. The method and the order of payment depend on the resources of the inviting side. The organizer of the concert (the inviting side) buys the tickets in advance and sends them to the administrator of the group, or sends the necessary sum to buy out the tickets together with the prepayment 20% of the honorarium 10 working days before the departure.

Any deviation from the requirement of the raider must be specified before the start of the tour.

The listed minimum conditions are necessary to carry out the tour.

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