The biography of Polina Fradkina.

Polina Fradkina a lively talented pianist. Her performance is notable for a harmonious union of bright temperament and strict building of shape. I sincerely regret that I have no piano music, - composer Andrey Petrov.

Polina is an pianist with a strong will and an independent way of playing, - Yu.Temirkanov (artistic director and chief conductor of the St.Petersburg Philarmonic orchestra).

Polina Fradkina performs as a solo pianist in Russia and foreign countries (Denmark, Germany, Finland, Italy, France, and Israel).

Records and broadcasts from the concerts can be heard on radio and television: Moscow Echo, Hermitage, R2 (Denmark), Radio Russia, Radio Classic, Radio Rocks, television channel Culture, RTR, STS Stories in Detail, 100 TV, VOT.

She recorded several solo albums. She participated in international music festivals: Yuri Bashmet festival (Dortmund, Germany), Saint Petersburg musical spring, Saint Petersburg days in Denmark (Kolding, Eysberg), Sound roads concerts of AMM (Association of modern music), and others. Polina performs piano concertos in best halls of Saint Petersburg (Philharmonics, Composer union, Smolny cathedral, municipal concert hall, Sheremetiev palace.)

She conducted master class lessons in Denmark (Kolding, Eysberg, and Bornholm). She taught a special piano class in Saint Petersburg Culture Academy.

A big part of her repertoire is reserved to academic avant-garde music often in paradoxical union with classical music (Chopin and antichopin).

Polina Fradkina was born in a family of hereditary musicians. Her parents are musicologist and book authors. Her grandfather I. Finkelstein was a composer and an assistant of D. Shostakovich in Leningrad conservatory.

She graduate from a Special music school of Saint Petersburg conservatory, the Saint Petersburg conservatory, finished a post-graduate study (Professor E. Shishko); in 1991-1994 she studied in Rubin Music Academy of the Tel Aviv University (Professor V. Derevianko). A bursar of American-Israel Culture Fund. Master class: Boris Berman (Yale University), Pnina Zeltsman (Tel Aviv University).

At present time the main project duo IN-TEMPORALIS with percussionist Yoel Gonzales.

They are constant participants of the program of central radio and television channels of Russia. Authors of music for films and plays.

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