In-temporalis: to be continued

Popular classical music in world-music style.

Alliance of two pros – pianist Polina Fradkina and percussion Yoel Gonzales. There union is young but there team-work and maturity of conception make you think that they play together for a long time with success. You cam call it a gender-instrumental union. A stylish poster with close-up of the faces it is a fusion of two moons true yin and yang. A Polina’s languishing eyes coquettish locks in combination with resolute gaze of raven-head Yoel make this picture almost sensual. Although in there opinion all conjectures about a dose of sexuality in this duet is on the conscience of the public. In any case on a concert of In-temporalis, which translates as “beyond time”, we deal with high sublimation.

Polina’s role consists in playing classical music as it was created by the composer. Yoel’s drum kit consisting of several sorts of drums cymbals and other percussion instruments from Cuba is supposed to join the classic to create a new sound object. The process of merging of two musical styles seems to be biological: Yoel’s percussion merges with Polina’s piano and from that something like Bach in sombrero or Tchaikovsky in a Hawaii shirt is born. To the sound of the percussions Yoel adds howls that put the audience in a trans. In the new program he will sing something from the legacy of voodoo.

26.01. Small Hall of Philharmonic
The Duet of Polina Fradkina and Yoel Gonzalez is less than a year old.

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