2 March 2009 г.
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«Ringerikes Blad»
Ayna Lile

Supremely good!
The In-Temporalis duet is a mix of classical music and incredible rhythms - all this was an exceptional event that was witnessed by audience in Byscenen yesterday night.

Ayna Lile
Those who like classical music might call this form a style mix, while others might call what we experienced yesterday night a fantastic combination of the world of classical music and worldwide rhythms, a fancy and a game.

Polina Fradkina as a pianist and Yoel Gonzalez a percussionist are known masters in playing their instruments. It is only when musicians are such professionals that an experiment and a game become as fantastic as what we heard yesterday night.
Those people who, notwithstanding the cold, still came to Byscenen yesterday night witnessed a musical phenomenon. These musicians may gain the upper hand over the most players who performed on this stage. Perfect marvel!
Who would have thought that a classical concert piano and various percussion instruments may sound so good together!
It is hard to single out several special performances from a number of excellently played works (12 in total). Recognition, note by note, of Grieg's Aase's Death might have been difficult, but it sounded great!
The Prokofiev's taffeta Monteque and Capulet sounded fantastically in their transcription as well - specific rock music, an amusing and merry punk version that was insomuch furious that almost made the audience lose its temper. The both performers seem to have appreciated that.
The classical works interpreted by the duet revealed absolutely different Beethoven, Mussorgsky or boring (in my opinion) Bach. Fortunately, that was not a mere peaceful night. This concert appeared to be an outstanding event!

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