Me personally I could not even imagine that inside of this classic music exists this kind of rythm".
Interview of Mr. Giora Feidman on TV 100 Channel.

IN-TEMPORALIS project is a combination of the world's classics with all the multiplisity of ancient and modern rhythms. The duet consist of Polina Fradkina (classical piano) and Yoel Gonzalez (a large variety of percussion instruments, including folk instruments). The main principle of the duet is the idia of the unity of different national cultures. Bach, Beethoven, Chaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Grieg, Prokofiev, Ravel, Rossini are mingled with intonations, timbres, rhythms inherent for totally different cultures of Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caucasus, as well as rhythms of jazz, rock, funk, etc. All the pieces of music are played in IN-TEMPORALIS transcription. The duet came into the world in 2007. IN-TEMPORALIS concerts enjoy great success in the best consert halls of St. Petersburg - the Philarmony, the Smolny Cathedral, The Peter and Paul Fortress (opening of the Open Cinema International Film Festival), and others. They take part regularly in Russian TV and radio programmes. Authors of music for films and plays.

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